Coming Soon ... StikNSpot DBS Drug Testing

With OpAns' drug testing, which uses our patented DBS collection device, there's no need to worry about staffing urine collections, and you'll get ...

  -   A valid specimen from every donor every time

  -   Longer detection windows than urine analyzed by federal confirmatory cutoffs

  -   Options for remote monitoring of collections (e.g., for home incarcerations)

  -   Informed impairment assessments (DUID), from blood levels

About the Test

Our new StikNSpot DBS drug testing methodology is able to expand canabiliod testing beyond the traditional THC carboxilic acid metabolite.

We test for THC, the active THC alcohol, and the terminal THC acid metabolite. By measuring THC blood levels we are able to open a windown on the understanding of impairment.

Beyond measuring THC our test distinguishes between the delta-8 and -9 forms, clarifying the source of the THC exposure.

Workplace Services

Workplace drug testing can be effective in preventing accidents, health issues and costs, absenteeism, and litigation.

Justice System Solutions

Valid, reliable, random, and frequent drug testing is an important component of a successful drug court program.

More Details ... available soon