In Vitro Screening Services

Our expert analytical scientists will perform in vitro studies, in support of your research programs (e.g., pharmaceutical discovery), help you anticipate scientific or regulatory challenges, offer strategic solutions to enable you to make critical strategic decisions, and will report your results in an appropriate format.   We've honed the execution of these in vitro tests by having screened thousands of compounds.

In Vitro ADME

We offer absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion (ADME) in vitro assays that describe the disposition of a pharmaceutical compound within an organism, as well as, metabolic activity assays, to evaluate a drug’s potential selective activity.   Our in vitro enzyme assays include compound profiling for logD, solubility, permeability, and liver metabolism.

Enzyme Incubations

Our in vitro enzyme assays include steroidogenesis and NAD pathway profiling and the routine development of custom enzyme assays for new targets.

Analysis of In Vitro Samples

Substrates may be monitored simultaneously by HPLC-MS/MS, including products and metabolites for multiple step enzyme or cellular systems (e.g., multi-step steroid or secosteroids enzymes).

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