Clinical Diagnostics Services

Through a sustainable partnership with your Clinic, our expert analytical scientists will test your patient specimens, help you anticipate scientific or regulatory challenges, offer strategic solutions to enable you to make critical strategic decisions, and will report your results in an appropriate format, including into our HIPAA compliant clinic portal.

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Test Menu

We offer an extensive testing menu that includes:

  -   Therapeutic Drug Monitoring (DBS and Urine)

  -   Toxicology (DBS, Urine and Oral Fluids)

  -   Steroid Hormone Monitoring (DBS and Oral Fluids)

Steroid Hormone tests include: estradiol, progesterone, testosterone, DHEAS, cortisol, and applicable metabolites.

Therapeutic Drug Monitoring / Toxicology tests, include: an extensive list of dosed and illicit drugs (see links to Reference Guides below).

Specimen Collection

We recommend the use of our patented amasse™ dried bio-fluid specimen (DBS) collection device that was specifically designed for the collection of dried capillary blood that is suitable for QUANTITATIVE analysis.

Clinic Services

Contact us today to arrange for a personalized consult to establish a customized support solution (including access to our HIPAA compliant Clinic portal).

Compliance (CLIA)

We are inspected regularly by regulatory (HHS) auditors, participate in the appropriate proficiency testing programs, and have excellent inspection and perfomance records.

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