Our uniquely configured four detector High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) system is ideal for performing chemical confirmations and is equipped with a Diode Array UV Detector (DAD), Evaporative Light Scattering Detector (ELSD), Chemiluminescent Nitrogen Detector (CLND), and Electrospray Ionisation Mass Spectrometry (ESI/MS).

This unique configuration ...

Enables us to simultaneously determine the identity, purity and quantity of a chemical in solution from a single prepared micro-volume sample without an analytical standard of the chemical; particularly helpful in confirming the composition of liquid stores (chemical libraries).

Chromatographic separation (rentention time) is a measure of hydrophobicity, together with mass spectra (positive and negative ionization) are evaluated for consistency with the proposed chemical structure of the Compound of Interest (COI).

Purity of the COI is determined as an amalgamation of peak area percentage from the Diode Array UV Detector (DAD), the CLND and the Evaporative Light Scattering Detector (ELSD).

The quantity (i.e., concentration of the COI in the solution) is measured by the appropriate detector, either Chemiluminescent Nitrogen Detector (CLND) for nitrogen containing compounds else Evaporative Light Scattering Detector (ELSD).