OpAns, LLC is a well established contract research organization (CRO) providing optimized analytical solutions since 2004.   We specialize in mass spectrometry and separations chemistry.   Our work is divided into three support areas: research, development and personalized testing.   We support government (EPA, NIH, NCATS), chemical industries (pharmaceuticals and agricultural chemicals), hospitals, clinics, and the court system.   We became an industry leader by successfully supporting a range of clients and feeding the learnings from each area of support into the development of each of the other areas.

Research Studies Include:

In Vitro Screening including: In-vitro Enzymatic Assays, Protein Binding, and ADME; Bioanalytical including: Pharmacokinetics and Biomarker Quantification

Development Studies Include:

Non-Clinical and Clinical (Bioanalytical including: Safety, Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacodynamics, and Biomarkers), and Environmental (Bioanalytical and Chemical Confirmation including: TOX21, ToxCast, Endocrine Disruption Screening Program (EDSP), and Toxicology)

Personalized Testing Includes:

Workplace and Justice System Drug Testing, Hospitals (Clinical Diagnostics), Clinics (Clinical Diagnostics): Therapeutic Drug Monitoring, Steroid Hormone Monitoring and Toxicology

Feeding the Learnings

For example ...

Our mass spectrometry steroid hormone biomarker analysis work has advanced the support and study of endocrine disruption (i.e., EDSP).

Development of our mass spectrometry based steroid hormone panels (that consume low sample volumes) enable research, clinical trials and diagnostic testing that would otherwise not be possible.