OpAns’ founder, CEO/CSO, Kenneth (Ken) C Lewis, built the very first UHPLC system while completing his PhD graduate work at UNC Chapel Hill with the distinguished:

James W Jorgenson (William Rand Kenan, Jr. Distinguished Professor)
Department of Chemistry University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, NC

Ken continues to actively develop superior LC-MS/MS methodologies used by OpAns’ staff that push limits of quantification ever down with smaller and smaller specimen volumes utilizing cutting edge technologies like Agilent's new Model 6495 LC-MS/MS system .

OpAns’ COO, Tina Guilliams Baxter automated one of the first FTIR systems used to perform quantitative analyses of formulated pesticide products, and continues to design innovative workflow processes that facilitate OpAns’ regulatory compliance while maintaining fiscal viability.

Together, Ken and Tina have invented a new dried specimen collection device that ensures the collection of a “quantitative” specimen, which has historically been an enormous hurdle to using dried specimens in support of non-clinical and clinical studies.

Collectively, OpAns’ staff have more than 400 years of experience performing analyses of study specimens for FDA/EPA-regulated studies.